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Free Initial Consultation

90 - Minute Session


  • Recommended for first-time clients

60 - Minute Session


  • Standard session time for most clients

30 - Minute Session


  • Available for long-standing clients as an energetic "tune up"

Click HERE for a list of healing services offered


Each session is completely

customized, guided by your needs. During our first consultation I will

learn about you and share my multi-faceted approach. By combining various healing modalities, we can create a unique, personalized experience that is comfortable, safe, and designed for optimal results. 

Group / Corporate

Yoga & Wellness

  • Combined modalities tailored to your unique union

Educational Workshops

  • Anywhere from ½ hour to full day seminars leading towards personal growth & communal learning in the workplace or home

  • Click HERE for examples and inspiration

Scheduled Events

  • Community yoga and other gatherings

  • Click HERE for upcoming offerings

Office Pick-Me-Up

  • A positive and productive get-together to show your team you care by taking care of them! Morning / Lunch / End of Day times work well.

doTERRA Essential Oil Classes

  • As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Nikki is eager to share her oil expertise on everything from DIY non toxic cleaning products, to better sleep, and stress awareness.

Please CONTACT ME for your custom quote.

solar plexus

For a group of friends, a special occasion, or a business / organization of any size, honest connection is important. One-time events and ongoing support programs lead toward improved wellness & productivity. A customized package can be designed based on your location, budget, timeline, group size, and overall needs.

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Yoga & Meditation with horses

  • Either on the ground or on horseback

Energy testing / clearing / healing

  • Similar to humans, animals exude energy. They can also suffer from blockages and trauma that need to be worked out.

Finding Closure

  • Helping animals & humans bond at the end of a beloved pet's life.

Click HERE for more information

third eye

Most of the time animals are more receptive to shifting subtle energy because their thinking minds don’t hinder the process! The profound

inter-species bond & conscious

connection is undeniable. 

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