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For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.

~Sanskrit Proverb


Breathe & Balance Philosophy

At the moment of birth we inhale our first breath; as we pass on from this life we exhale our last. Most of our breathing in between is involuntary. Pranayama, in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is translated to “Control of Breath.” Most of us have forgotten how to breathe, let alone control it when needed. This is essential to create sustainable energy, resiliency, and health at a foundational level. Simply put, breath is our link to intrinsic self-awareness in any moment, and breathing with purpose allows for self-improvement and life enhancement. 


Just as breath is the basis for all life, all living things vibrate with inherent energy. The higher you vibrate the healthier you are. There are many different types of energy, all with one thing in common: energy is required to make change. When you flip a light switch, current runs through the wire, and the bulb illuminates. Similarly, human energy vibrates through our nervous system at different levels and can be guided towards transformation - to change a mindset and re-wire the brain. Recent scientific research has shown that we can manage our mind and body using proven techniques of controlled breath work. Ancient cultures have used these practices for thousands of years. Uniting that primal wisdom with modern modalities gives us achievable access to a balanced & empowered life.


We all have the ability to BREATHE in positive intention that impacts our thoughts and actions, inhaling vibrational life force energy. By doing so, we invite our systems to find BALANCE, exhaling all negativity and darkness that does not serve energetically.




Creating a safe, respectful, and healing environment based on trust.

Placing the client's unique needs at the forefront of every interaction.


Serving each client with my full presence, while instilling practices that invite us to pause, prepare, breathe & find balance.


Daily, disciplined practices that integrate into your lifestyle and create positive sustainable change.


Respecting the lessons passed down: we are all united, we are all one,

and we are all in this together. Namaste.

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about me

Nikki's Story

Nikki was not always a mountain girl but, when fate intervened, she found herself welcoming the Wyoming way of life. Originally a proud New Englander, she found solace in the sand and ocean waves. Her first career dream carried her across to the other coast, where she spent over a decade working in the chaos of Hollywood.


As a freelance producer, she followed her heart and utilized her time between film and TV projects to continue her exploration into the practices of yoga and ancient medicines. The immediate, positive, energetic shifts helped Nikki maintain her own sanity and keep the anxiety at bay in a frenetic world. Little did she know that she would develop a passion for the healing arts, and that it would become her life’s work.

Moving to Wyoming gave Nikki the chance to take advantage of the mantra she had developed in LA: Breathe & Balance. The peaceful mountains, open spaces, and community welcomed her, and offered more than the busy city life ever could. Nikki is constantly studying, soaking up knowledge, love, and light wherever she goes. She hopes to have the opportunity to share wisdom & energy with you soon.


Quinnipiac University - BA in Mass Communication & Theatre Production


Shambhava School of Yoga - 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Shoshoni Ashram 

TransCrystal Therapy - Crystal Matrix Healing and Learning Center

Usui Tradition of Natural Healing - Reiki Levels 1 & 2 

Reiki Sage - Additional Training

Prison Yoga Project Training

Yoga for First Responders Training

Additional Trainings

Transcendental Meditation Training

The Neurosculpting Institute

The Masters Institute

Hala Khouri Trauma Informed Trainings

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