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Nikki mostly works with horses & dogs, knowing all animals deserve healing touch.

And she loves a challenge, so bring on the animals that need some extra love!

Animal Services in Detail:

Yoga & Meditation with Horses

Horses are one of the most powerfully gentle animals on the planet. They are intuitive and help draw out intuition and unconditional love from humans. Just to be around them is impressively sacred, and then to introduce the ancient practices of yoga & meditation brings to life all the energy within you & them. Horses help lead us back home to our heart space.


Energy testing / clearing / healing:

All living creatures respond to energy in some way. Animals, especially those that are domesticated, feel the energy of their humans and take it on as best they can to help sooth and comfort. Let us give back to them. 


Finding Closure

Most animals do not live as long as humans, for this reason multiple heartbreaks of losing a fur family member may happen over a lifetime. This transition can be guided & eased with the use of loving practices.

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